Join Our Staff

"Psalm 110:3 says ‘Your people will offer themselves freely on the day you lead our host upon the holy mountains.’ Volunteers are needed to come to the Camp each year, ready to work hard and give of themselves whenever and wherever they are needed. Our Volunteers will range from age 19-75 and beyond. There is a place for you if you wish to know the warmth of Camp St. Innocent. When the end of camp arrives, you can quietly sit back, reflect, and feel all the love and sense of accomplishment the Camp has given you. It will truly light up your soul.”

 Thank you for your interest in helping with our

Camping Program at Camp St. Innocent! 

Being a part of our Camp community will be a positive, rewarding experience for campers, staff and volunteers for many years. In addition to being a valued part of what we do, we hope you will also gain from the time and energy you spend while here at Camp.

Counselors, Counselors-In-Training and Volunteer staff are an integral part of our camping program.  Counselors and volunteer staff have roles that are distinctly different.  Counselors are trained to interact directly with the campers on a  regular basis, while volunteer staff are the “silent partners” in the operation, taking care of all the details that allow the counselors to do their work ministering to the campers.