NON-DISCRIMINATORY NOTICE: Camp St. Innocent does not and will not discriminate against any student, employee, or other person because of race, colour, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, or disability.



In order to secure a spot for your child(ren) we will need to receive the first two (2) items listed below:

  •  Fully-completed Registration Form;
  •  Non-refundable deposit of $150 per child, e-transfer or cheque dated today;


  •  Completed Camper Medicalfor each child;
  •  Completed Waivers and Consent, from
  •  Provincial Health Care Information;
  •  Balance of camper fee, for all registered campers, e-transfer or  cheque post-dated for July 1, 2022.  

Once we receive all items you will receive a confirmation email that your child(ren)’s spot is secured, and a link to download the Camper/Parent Booklet.  This booklet will assist you and your child in the preparation for camp.  Last date for Camper Registration is May 31, 2022.

Note:  All correspondence and materials sent to you will be done via email, so please fill-out your email information clearly.

Camper Fees

The camper fee will be $425.  Deadline for ALL registration is May 31, 2022.

To be fully registered, ALL Registration requirements listed above will apply.


We appreciate prompt notification if a camper must cancel. Cancellations before July 1, will receive a full refund less the deposit. For those after July 1, refunds of tuition payments, less the deposit, may be requested in writing and will only be granted if a replacement for the open spot is found, except in cases of family emergency.



Please see your local priest or your Camp St. Innocent liaison for scholarship information.